From the Pages of our History

Tales of Old Portage

Dorothy McCarthy wrote a weekly column in the Portage Daily Register entitled "Tales of Old Portage" from 1958-1975. Over 200 of these articles have been scanned and compiled in a large-format book, with an index that makes it very easy to find a subject on Portage history or a family name. The articles cover a vast range of subjects from lynch mobs in Portage, to the origin of colorful nicknames for individual railroad workers, to the cream-colored bricks from local brickyards. Examples of these articles can be seen at our Wisconsin Heritage Online (WHO) link. ($35)


Portage, A Sesquicentennial History

This book was created by Michael J. Goc for Portage's 150th anniversary celebration (1854-2004). The 248 page book covers everything from our earliest residents the Native Americans to our canal, churches, volunteers and businesses. The hundreds of photographs accompanying these articles make this book unique. It is a great resource book for those interested in the history of Portage. ($35)


A Military History of Portage

Written and compiled by Dr. J. Robert Curtis, the book is the first definitive history and reference for the men and women of the Portage area who served their country. ($35)