Yesteryear's cutting edge technology

Ever since man discovered the wheel, we’ve been on a quest to make things better, go faster and higher, last longer, etc. The museum’s technology exhibit displays some of the items that were 19th and 20th century response to that challenge: typewriters, a dictaphone, cameras, 8-track tape player; a phonograph and a radio that were both sizable pieces of furniture, old telephones, an early television with 9-in screen, and more. Use your imagination to think about how items of today’s technology will find a place in the exhibit in 50 years.


Our exhibits tell our stories

Step into the past to learn about our history: the American Indians who lived here for thousands of years, the explorers who visited, the settlers who moved here in the early 1800’s, followed by the entrepreneurs who saw opportunity, and the men and women who built homes, schools, stores and churches. Most of the artifacts in our exhibits came from Portage residents who lived ordinary lives in this small town on the big river.